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General Purpose Acrylics

Our Acrylic sheets will withstand exposure to blazing sun, extreme cold, sudden temperature changes, salt water sprays, etc. They will not deteriorate after many years of service because of the inherent stability of acrylic resins.  Acrylic sheet has been widely accepted for use in school buildings, industrial
plants and outdoor signs. Please refer to our Ten-Year Limited Warranty for clear acrylic sheet.

ThermoTec supplies 100% Virgin Acrylic.

For sign manufacturers, the weathering aspect is extremely important, as
colour fading is a very real and serious problem that is faced by companies,
who are concerned with their corporate image.

Sanitary ware Products

ThermoTec in association with its relevant partners is in the unique position to provide you with a complete and comprehensive range of materials.  The range of high quality co-extruded sheets includes;

  • Acrylic Capped ABS (ABS/Pmma) - as used to produce bath tubs and Shower units (trays and wall linings)

  • HIPS - Owing to its thermo formability, an ideal material for use as bath panels

  • HIPS Clear (TLP) - An excellent product for shower doors and enclosures and is available in a wide range of surface embossing.

  • Sanitary Grade Acrylic - To complement our Sanitary Ware product range.

All major Australian and European sanitary colours are available in ABS/Pmma and HIPS.  Sheet Sizes are produced according to customer requirements and are available to widths of 2100mm with a thickness of 1.8mm to 9.00mm

Polycarbonate Sheet

With a superior impact performance at half the weight of glass, virtually unbreakable polycarbonate sheet has more than twice the impact strength of PETG and more than 10 times the impact strength of acrylic sheet.

With outstanding clarity and good fire behavior characteristics polycarbonate sheet is an excellent replacement for glass and other plastics.  There are many grades of polycarbonate sheet available from ThermoTec Plastics, the most widely used are;

  • General Purpose - sheet for machine guards, indoor safety glazing and interior vandal protection.  Excellent thermoform ability for signs, displays, riot shields, model cars, medical equipment, bicycle helmets, etc.

  • UV Protected - sheet for exterior glazing, skylights, barrel-vaults, bus shelters, vending machines, poster boards, sound protection walls, etc.

  • Abrasion Resistant - sheet with high chemical resistance for use in security applications, anti-vandal glazing, machine guards, prison and police station glazing, etc.

Most grades of polycarbonate sheet are available in high light transmitting clear and several tints and colours for special applications including flat and molded signage.  Custom colours are possible subject to minimum order requirements.

Etalbond® Aluminium Composite Panel

ThermoTec Plastics is proud to introduce the Etalbond range of aluminium composite sheets for the first time to the Australasian market.

Etalbond is a technologically advanced product with unique features allowing creative architectural design in cladding for interior and exterior surfaces. The material is rigid, light and durable and can be easily worked into a variety of shapes.

Etalbond is a sandwich-type composite panel consisting of a non-toxic polyethylene core firmly bonded between fine aluminium facing and backing sheets and the manufacturing process employs the latest co-extrusion technology. The facing sheet has a durable colour coating protected during manufacture, transportation and installation by a plastic film.

Etalbond sheets are produced in 3 different core thicknesses, 1000, 1250 and 1500mm widths with lengths from 1000 to 5000mm. A comprehensive range of standard colours is available and non-standard colour requirements can be met with conveniently low minimum order quantities.

Etalbond meets all industry standards on mechanical and acoustical properties, fire behavior and thermal insulating properties.

Rodeca® Transparent Polycarbonate Multi-Wall Glazing

The Rodeca® range of polycarbonate sheets and glazing elements is now available in Australia and New Zealand through ThermoTec Plastics.  Providing all the outstanding strength and ease of handling of polycarbonate, the Rodeca® range of transparent glazing elements and multiwall sheets meet the needs of today's architects providing high quality daylight, low maintenance, safety, longevity and design freedom in the area of overhead glazing and facades.  The range includes;

  • Glazing with integrated couplings with K-values up to 1.15 for one-piece facades.

  • Multiwall sheets from 4mm to 40mm overall thickness.

  • Heat block surface providing maximum 60% reflection.

  • Multi-function panels with integrated couplings for flat and curved applications.

  • Complete roofing and skylight systems.

  • Comprehensive range of transparent colours and unique patented Bicolour.

Applications include facades and overhead glazing for exhibition centres, industrial buildings, sports centres and stadia, garden centres, shopping centres and commercial buildings.

Foam PVC

ThermoTec Plastics and FOAMALITE Ltd. would like to introduce an improved foamed PVC sheet designed for demanding digital printing applications, screen printing applications and sign applications.

The product, FoamaLite Digiwhite, retains all the qualities of FoamaLite foamed PVC sheet including low weight and superior mechanical properties, while delivering a whiter and more uniform surface.

FoamaLite Digiwhite offers a high quality printing substrate for sharp, high quality printed images. The finished product can be displayed both inside and outdoors.

Brilliant white surface
Extremely smooth surface
Suitable for detailed presentations
Light weight, ideal for portable displays
Fabrication friendly (easy to bend, cut, drill, glue)
Weather proof, UV resistant and durable
Polystyrene sheet has been manufactured since 1971.

High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) is a rubber modified product... It can be fabricated easily and is a cheap alternative to PMMA (acrylic), SAN, PET and other clear polymers. Due to it not being UV stable it is not suitable for prolonged outdoor use; however it can be ordered with specific UV capabilities.

HIPS offers impact strength and is easily vacuum-formed. It exhibits great versatility and provides a low cost route to the molding of a diversity of products in a multitude of industry sectors.

It is available in a smooth finish and in a range of embossed patterns.

If its available in Plastic we can Get It .



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